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Turn your book
into an audiobook

in minutes rather than months

High-quality synthetic narration using the latest AI

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It's easy!

1. Upload your ebook (.epub, .pdf or .txt)
2. Get free audio samples with voices to choose
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200+ Voices in
50+ Languages

We use state of the art AI to generate high-quality audio across language of 100+ nationalities.

Swiss-German, Brazilian Portuguese, South African English? We have it.

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Save time and money

Narrating a book the traditional way takes on average $8000 and more than 1 month of production.

With artificial intelligence, you can get your audiobook in minutes and for only $60 per final hour.

Radiobooks is the cheapest and fastest path to get your audiobook to the public.

Distribute & Monetize

Audiobooks with synthetic narration can be distributed through Google Play, AppleBooks, Spotify, Storytel, Barnes & Noble and more.

Please work with your book distribution partner regarding distribution.

*As of March 2022, Audible (and Amazon) will not allow audiobooks with synthetic narration sold through their platforms.

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Our Mission

Radiobooks is on a mission to accelerate the spread of knowledge.

We believe that audiobooks reduce friction to the consumption and distribution of books worldwide.

Imagine a world where children in remote areas of the globe can listen to books in their local language via existing infrastructure. Like radio.

Money Back Guarantee

Supporting authors and publishers on their journey towards audio is our focus.

If the final quality does not match your standards and you decide it is not good enough for sale, we are happy to refund your investment in full.
A certificate of money back guarantee.

Join thousands of authors and hundreds of publishers monetizing their ebooks in audio format.

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